The tailor of your insurance coverage

Vakuutusmeklari Timo Sarkkinen

The authorized insurance brokers at Risk Consult are experts on insurance coverage and independent of insurance companies. We help companies customize their insurance coverage and manage risks. Oftentimes we can negotiate significant savings – up to tens of percent – on our clients’ annual insurance costs.

An insurance broker saves your staff’s time, negotiates more favorable contracts, and identifies business risks that your company is not necessarily prepared for. As a client of an insurance broker, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your company’s insurance coverage is in order.

Tendering for insurance policies

Tendering for insurance policies by an independent insurance broker puts all quotes on the same level.

As the insurance industry develops and becomes more specialized, understanding the contents of insurance contracts and comparing quotes can get challenging. Domestic insurance companies may not offer insurance for more special risks, in which case insurance coverage must be sought from abroad.

An insurance broker is your guide in the insurance world. A broker ensures the adequacy of insurance coverage and negotiates notable financial savings. As brokers independent of insurance companies, they work only in your best interest.

The tendering for insurance policies at Risk Consult includes:

  • Obtaining your company’s insurance and loss history information directly from the insurance companies
  • Analysing your insurance coverage and taking the necessary changes into account when preparing the request for quotation
  • Sending the request for quotation to the insurance companies selected together with the client
  • Receiving the offers and negotiating their contents
  • Summarizing the offers and presenting them to you
  • Giving you written recommendations on follow-up measures
  • Ensuring the realization of the achieved savings and benefits

Insurance management

Contact us and outsource all insurance-related matters to a professional.

Risk Consult’s designated insurance broker manages your clientship. Our goal is a happy client whose risks are under control and whose insurance coverage is both properly tailored and competitively priced.

Learn more about insurance policies

We offer versatile insurance training for our clients. The training courses can concentrate on a specific type of insurance, such as personal or liability insurance, or provide general information about current legislation and best practices. We always tailor the training course to the client’s needs.

We manage your insurance coverage by

  • Checking the insurance mail and correcting any errors before sending it to you
  • Monitoring price and condition changes in the insurance industry
  • Advising you on insurance matters
  • Doing the annual reviews together with you
  • Handling the necessary insurance changes
  • Organizing insurance training for your staff
  • Protecting your rights in the event of an accident and ensuring the fairness of the insurer’s decisions

Insurance analysis

Companies’ insurance coverage is often a mix of individual insurance policies that have been purchased at different times.

This can lead to following pitfalls:

  • The insurance terms and conditions have become unfavorable, but the change has gone unnoticed
  • The key personnel who chose the insurance have moved on to other tasks and taken the tacit knowledge about the insurance policies with them
  • Some business risk has remained uninsured
  • Some insurance type has become unnecessary, but it is still being paid for
  • The insurance premium is high

Our brokers shake off the dust from your insurance coverage and go through it one insurance at a time. We utilize our long experience of working with insurance policies in many industries. The results are delivered to your company as a written report, which also contains recommendations for further action.

Our prices

  • Company turnover under €10M: €1,650 + VAT
  • Turnover €10–30M: €2,800 + VAT
  • Turnover over €30M: €3,700 + VAT

We evaluate your company’s insurance coverage by

  1. Obtaining background information about your company
  2. Getting to know the company’s operations by conducting interviews
  3. Collecting in-depth information about the current insurance policies
  4. Analysing the insurance policies by type of insurance
  5. Recommending changes to insurance coverage
  6. Providing a written report

Who is the service for?

The insurance analysis is mainly intended for companies’ boards and key personnel who are responsible for risk management but are not necessarily familiar with individual insurance policies. An analysis is valuable especially for companies that

  • are growing, going global, or in the midst of a change of ownership
  • have special responsibilities (e.g. subcontractors)